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Pension reform: Elisabeth Borne clings to her “method contract”


In the heart of August 2022, Elisabeth Borne is busy, like every morning for the past two weeks, in the blue salon of the Hôtel de Matignon. It is there, on the ground floor, that his office on the first floor, which is undergoing work, has been identically replicated. Suddenly she stops: “There is something wrong here, isn’t there? » “Yes, we are one floor below”, advise advisers, taken aback. Around her, everything has changed, but the polytechnician seems to have seen nothing: she continues her task as if nothing had happened. Some six months later, Elisabeth Borne suffered, with the pension reform, one of the most acute crises that the country had known since the revolt of the “yellow vests”. Her future at Matignon hangs by a thread, but she pretends to ignore the criticisms that push her towards the exit. Like nothing ever happened ?

Received at the Elysée, Monday March 27, on the eve of a tenth day of mobilization, with a handful of ministers and majority executives, Elisabeth Borne projected herself beyond the decision of the Constitutional Council, expected for mid-April, which will definitively validate or not the text of the retreats. “Everyone was talking about the next eighteen days, she was talking about six months”notes the Minister of Agriculture, Marc Fesneau. “Elisabeth Borne is a real soldier”adds Aurore Bergé, president of the Renaissance group at the Assembly.

Charged by the Head of State with finding a way to govern, the Prime Minister presented a “method contract” between the executive and the relative majority. This is based on an instruction to ministers: any bill must be presented turnkey with a cross-party majority, which has however proved to be untraceable on pension reform. The head of state also wants to put back on the table a bill on immigration, which would require the votes of the right. “This can only be done by speaking with the president [Gérard] The Archer “, at the head of the Senate, worries about Matignon. The Prime Minister has set out to ” objective ” to no longer use article 49.3 outside the financial texts, seeming to recognize an error after having used it to pass the pension reform without a vote. “The 49.3 is not the invention of a dictator”she defended, however, in the National Assembly on March 20, before her government came close to censorship.

Activists “preparing for war for basins”

While his Prime Minister is working on his method, Emmanuel Macron launches the political offensive, always with the aim of embodying order in the face of chaos. Monday in front of his followers, the head of state vilified “the rising violence”designating activists “ready to kill” And “who are preparing for war for basins”, after the clashes between the police and environmental activists, Saturday in Sainte-Soline (Deux-Sèvres). A second activist was in a coma on Monday.

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