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Paris City Hall: for Anne Hidalgo, arriving mid-term, uncertainties are accumulating


He may think very hard while scratching his chin: “No, really, I don’t see…” Search again… “Maybe… But actually, no…” The question posed to Jérôme Gleizes, environmental adviser to Paris and pillar of the municipal majority, is however simple: what, according to him, are the salient measures which marked the first three years of the second mandate of Anne Hidalgo, mayor of the capital. , re-elected in 2020? “Oh! Whether ! The carbon cooperative [stratégie de décarbonation du territoire]. » But he didn’t seem too convinced himself of his find.

It seemed, however, that he was spoiled for choice. He could have cited the spectacular increase, of 52%, of the property tax, contrary to the campaign promise of the mayor of Paris, but which allows the finances of his city to breathe better. Or the holding, as unprecedented as it is surprising, of a citizen vote, on April 2, on the maintenance, or not, of self-service electric scooters. Unilateral decisions that hit the local headlines. But Jérôme Gleizes pouts: “I was concentrating more on major breakthrough measures… I hope that the most structuring elements are to come. »

Precisely, on March 13, the mayor of Paris had organized a major press conference preceded by a great daily maintenance The echoes to talk about the budget and draw up, implicitly, its mid-term balance sheet, three years from the next municipal elections. To decline, also, ongoing projects that will enhance the end of his mandate. Anne Hidalgo had summoned her many deputies, members of her cabinet and a heavy battalion of communications advisers to try to create the news. Around this 1.2 billion euros of additional investment which will make it possible to inaugurate 75 kilometers of new cycle paths, to double the number of trees planted and to respect the priorities in terms of social housing.

“What deja vu”

Unfortunately, faced with an assembly of around fifty municipal representatives, there were only five journalists to relay all these good intentions. “But because there was nothing new!, notes David Alphand, adviser to Paris Les Républicains (LR). What deja vu. She tries to deceive and divert attention from this senseless increase in property tax which will have an impact on the purchasing power of Parisians. Because at City Hall, the word “savings” is taboo. » In the city councilor’s camp, Frédéric Lénica, his chief of staff, concedes that“there is indeed no great revolutionary evening”, but, according to him, “It’s because the management of the City has reached maturity”.

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