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Nurses, a lever to strengthen the supply of care


In a health system in crisis, it is a “essential link” that the government has announced to put back into play. And, even, to put back at the center of the supply of care: at a time when the shortage of doctors is making itself felt badly, the Minister of Health, François Braun, has promised to reform this profession exercised by some 650,000 nurses to entrust them with new missions, review their career and training prospects.

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“Investing in the future of this profession is a necessity”, defended the minister at the conclusion of a seminar organized on avenue de Ségur on May 26, stating that “This overhaul should be completed in September 2024”. A second seminar was to be held on June 7 in the presence of the directors of all the nursing training institutes in France.

The deadline may seem distant, whereas the decree which defines the nursing acts has not been modified for almost twenty years. In the meantime, care and techniques have evolved, the needs of an aging population have increased. “We want to be ambitious… and realistic”justified Marie Daudé, director general of the offer of care at the ministry of health, in front of an audience of nurses who came to attend, on May 22 in Paris, a symposium on the evolution of the profession organized by their order. “This major project requires reviewing the entire architecture, moving forward together on the skills and training component”, she also recalled.

More responsibilities

The kick-off was given on May 11 and 12, in relative discretion, with the organization at the Ministry of Health of a “workshop” bringing together around thirty nurses from all over France. The representative organizations were not there. An “omission” that the ministerial seminar of May 26 came to catch up. “This first time of exchange made it possible to test the method, we argue in the cabinet of François Braun. It is now planned a working time with the order, associations and unions, as well as a consultation involving professionals, students and patients. »

So much for the method and the calendar. Nurses have already obtained progress towards more autonomy and responsibilities, the government and the presidential majority having been firing on all cylinders for months to manage to relieve doctors of a certain number of skills which could be taken into supported by other healthcare professionals. A “delegation of tasks” whose executive has made a lever of its fight against medical deserts and inequalities of access to care, sure that the solution passes less by the constraint to the installation of doctors – a “red cloth” – than by a better coordination between caregivers, including nurses, and a ” upgrade skills “ of these.

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