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Nice: investigation opened into the financing of the municipal campaign of Christian Estrosi


An investigation was opened after the report by the National Commission for Campaign Accounts and Political Funding (CNCCFP) of possible donation ceilings being exceeded during the campaign of the mayor of Nice Christian Estrosi during the 2020 municipal elections, the prosecution announced on Wednesday. June 7.

The investigation, the existence of which was revealed by nice morning, was handed over to the judicial police. The CNCCFP’s report dates back to the beginning of the year and relates to the amounts paid by candidates on the list to fund the campaign.

Half a dozen running mates of Christian Estrosi (Horizons) are affected by these possible ceiling overruns, which focus on payments to two distinct political structures, “Les Amis du Mayor” and “Le Rassemblement”.

Philippe Pradal, Horizons deputy of the Alpes-Martimes, was heard by the investigators of the judicial police as an accountant of the two political structures concerned.

Distinction between donations and contributions

To appear on Christian Estrosi’s list during this campaign, the candidates participated in its financing to the tune of 10,000 euros for deputies and 6,000 euros for municipal councillors, a common practice in political parties, according to a source. municipal.

In the entourage of the mayor, where it is specified that the accounts of the municipal campaign itself have been validated, it is explained that the sums were paid in the form of donations or contributions.

According to the same source, the CNCCFP would not have made any distinction between donations and contributions. However, if the holders of an elective mandate are required to respect the ceiling of 7,500 euros for the donations they make to a party, their contributions are not limited.

The investigation will have to determine whether irregularities have therefore actually been committed, and whether the donation ceilings have been exceeded.

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