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National patent diploma: after the “leaks”, the time for investigations and criticism


It is usually a formality. The national patent diploma is being talked about this year: the Ministry of Education filed a complaint against X, Friday 1er July, for “theft from a dwelling or from a place used or intended for storage”, after the subjects of history-geography and science, on which 850,000 middle school students from 3e were called upon to compose, this same Friday, were the subject of “leaks” on social networks. An administrative investigation “in-house” is also launched, says one in the entourage of the Minister of Education, Pap Ndiaye.

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Rue de Grenelle, we began to reconstruct the course of the case. Photos of the subjects were spotted “during the afternoon of Thursday”on WhatsApp messaging and on“other communication systems” : “The information went up to the examination steering mission, to the general directorate of school education, and a decision was taken to trigger the emergency procedure. » In other words, to make the candidates floor on “B subjects”. These are prepared every year ” in case “by general inspectors, academy inspectors and professors in a so-called “pilot” academy – never the same from one year to the next – to be ” if necessary ” distributed ” everywhere “.

In “very tight deadlines”, these relief subjects were therefore distributed to the examination centers and printed by them, Thursday evening, even, in certain academies, until Friday morning. But “The trials took place on time”, we argue at the ministry. And on subjects “of the same difficulty”, we add, even if, on the side of teachers of history-geography and moral and civic education, in particular, some report a “lower difficulty”.

“Increased vigilance for corrective follow-up”

The mathematics test, convened Thursday, June 30 afternoon, was also marked by leaks but “more geographically circumscribed”, we assure Rue de Grenelle. The tracking, ten to fifteen minutes before the start of the event, which started at 2:30 p.m., was managed differently: “It was decided to use the subject of relief in some examination centers, only in those suspected of being concerned. » They would be less than half a dozen, estimates the ministry, which does not disclose the name.

Tiebreaker? The argument is already agitated by candidates, parents and teachers. “We have contacted the general inspectorate on this subject”we react in the ranks of the Association of Mathematics Teachers in Public Education (APMEP), recalling the principle of not commenting on the subjects of national examinations. “In the areas concerned, increased vigilance will be required for corrective monitoring”, argue academic authorities.

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