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Presidential: around thirty NGOs ask candidates to commit to the animal cause

The Bardot Foundation, the SPA or even CIWF: 29 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have joined forces to bring the voice of animals by choosing 22 measures intended for candidates in the presidential election so that they commit to advancing the cause animal. 26 days from the first round, these proposals are supported by the “Animal Engagement 2022” campaign with six themes: animals and society, livestock transport and slaughter, animal experimentation, captivity and entertainment, pets and leisure animals, wild animals and biodiversity. .

“The idea of ​​this campaign is to inform citizens of all the commitments of the candidates through a website www.engagement- “, explained Tuesday Lorène Jacquet of the Bardot Foundation during a videoconference. Among the candidates who signed the charter, Jean-Luc Mélenchon (LFI) validated 98% of the measures, as did the ecologist Yannick Jadot, Nathalie Arthaud (LO) 85%, Philippe Poutou (NPA) 77%, Nicolas Dupont- Aignan (Debout la France) 67% and Marine Le Pen (RN) 58%.

On the theme “Breeding, slaughtering and transport”Agathe Gignoux of CIWF was pleased that “the candidates on the left commit to 100% of the measures”, recalling that in France one billion animals are slaughtered each year. She deplores, on the other hand, that on the subject Mr. Dupont-Aignan and The pen “engage much less”the latter “positions only on slaughter without stunning”.

Lorène Jacquet regrets for her part that Nicolas Dupont-Aignant and Marine Le Pen do not commit to the prohibition of bullfighting and cockfighting, even if Mme Le Pen is for the prohibition of arenas to spectators under 16 years old. It notes, however, that Mr. Mélenchon is committed for the first time to the prohibition of bullfighting.

“During this five-year term, part of the left has clearly positioned itself in favor of the animal cause as a whole. This trend continues with the commitment of Jadot and Mélenchon. They have also taken the step of slaughter without stunning”, welcomes Melvine Josse, of the association Convergence animals policy (CAP). He, on the other hand, lamented that Eric Zemmour (Reconquest!) “does not in any way seek to express itself on the animal condition and assumes an opposition to the animal condition on many subjects”.

Finally, the outgoing President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, has “clearly chose sides on hunting and acted very little on breeding”, according to Mr. Josse. The activist believes that the measures that are most likely to be carried by the candidates in the campaign are “the institution of a ministry of independent authority, and the part on companion animals, which is less divisive than hunting and breeding”.