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Energy crisis: In Bordeaux, the mayor wants to be “more ambitious” than the state


On July 3, 2020, during his investiture as mayor of Bordeaux, Pierre Hurmic declared “climate emergency”. A “founding act of our vision for Bordeaux”recalls the elected ecologist at the World when asked about his energy sobriety plan. The message is clear. That of a green municipality that has been committed since the beginning of its mandate. “We did not wait for this crisis to work in particular on our energy autonomy”insists the mayor of Bordeaux.

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As proof, he explains, the city’s energy autonomy, which was 4% in the summer of 2020, is 7% today and will increase to “41% by 2026 [par un] develop[ement] renewable energies and [la réduction de] the consumption of our municipal buildings”, aims Pierre Hurmic. Energy crisis or not, the municipality had already planned to cover 27% of its annual electricity consumption with photovoltaics by the end of the mandate, but also to “to rid municipal swimming pools of gas, and to connect them to heating networks ».

Possible tax hike

If the city prides itself on having taken the lead, it is still being overtaken by the considerable increase in the price of energy – it will have to face an additional cost of 20 million euros for its energy expenditure. As elsewhere, measures have been announced: lowering the temperature of cultural establishments and schools to 19°C – 12°C for large gymnasiums –, lowering the temperature of swimming pools, extinction from January of 55% of light points in the city from 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. But, here again, Pierre Hurmic hopes to go further: “The State is asking us to reduce our energy consumption by 10% by 2024, but we are more ambitious: from 2023, we will reduce the city’s energy consumption by 12%, and our consumption by 20%. electricity related to public lighting. »

To achieve this, the mayor of Bordeaux is also counting on the support of Paris. “I am awaiting the state’s response regarding the possibility offered to local authorities to benefit from regulated tariffs, to find out whether or not I am obliged to increase our local taxes, namely the property tax. » A possibility that makes the municipal opposition jump. “I will oppose a tax hike”immediately indicates the former mayor of Bordeaux, Nicolas Florian (Les Républicains), who expected “something more offensive on the energy transition”.

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