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“Ecological planning must serve a transgenerational dynamic and youth”


EBetween the two rounds of the presidential election, ecological planning has emerged as the response of public action to economic and ecological risks. So much the better. We believe that orientation, in the sense of information on professions and activities and of trajectory definition, will be revolutionized.

Guidance combines three processes and tends to confuse them: the personal development of a life plan; consistency between training, diplomas, skills and job reality; and the collective narrative of a society that describes its evolutions through the nature and meaning of work activities.

Ecological planning cannot be limited to a technocratic exercise. It must put itself at the service of a transgenerational dynamic at the center of which is the youth, all the more demanding, an essential ingredient for a real transformative policy, as it is the long-term beneficiary of this planning.

A beautiful symbol of ecological planning which, in terms of training, is not limited to greening would be a re-enchanted orientation thanks to the ecological commitments of the generations most concerned. Ecological planning has repercussions on school and university orientation. Conversely, ecological planning is dependent on the reinvention of orientation.

Personal commitments and working life

Each life project is an ever-renewed encounter of a very personal sensitivity with a state of the world, and this project is now taking shape according to ecological reality. Some of the high school students who experienced the 2019 climate strikes are completing their studies.

Just recently, thousands of people watched, gripped, as AgroParisTech graduates asserted their refusal to work in the agri-food industry and contribute to technologies and business models that involve ecological damage and ethical breaches. There is no longer any way to pretend and separate personal commitments and active life. Orientation itself must be redefined according to these new imperatives. Ecological planning can provide the impetus.

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Attention to the value of the professions, to the sincerity of the conviviality of the work and to the societal impact of the activity are becoming dominant criteria for professional choices. The months of confinement have given everyone an unprecedented space for reflection. Thus, 30% of young people say they have changed their professional project because of the health crisis (National Institute of Youth and Popular EducationMay 2022).

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