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Ecological planning: Macron and Borne face the wall of painful choices


Suddenly, in the spring, the summary notes fell from the sky. For the President of the Republic, his advisers, his secretary general, current ministers… At the end of April, Emmanuel Macron had asked his troops to send him ideas. Amid the Telegram messages from macronists a little confused by the parametric pension reform, one expression came up very often: the ecological transition. “There has to be a great moment linked to the climate in June, before the start of the summer holidaysargues, echoing other deputies, Jean-Marc Zulesi, Renaissance chairman of the Sustainable Development Committee. After the retreats that occupied space, before the heat waves, we must show that we can get the French on board in our vision of a positive ecology. »

This week, the government had begun to deploy itself to try to embody a unique challenge: carbon neutrality in 2050. On Monday May 22, the Prime Minister, Elisabeth Borne, chaired a National Council for Ecological Transition where she drew the sector-by-sector curves. With great support from PowerPoint, it set the first target: 270 million tonnes of CO₂ equivalent in 2030 against 408 million in 2022.

Thursday, Emmanuel Macron was to illustrate this commitment by devoting a trip to the environment in the Var. And then the short-term news has, as often, shaken up the fight of the century, the head of state having rather chosen to go, that day, to a national tribute dedicated to the three police officers killed in a car accident in Roubaix (North). “It’s not cancelled, just postponedspecifies the Elysée. We are coming to the end of a year in which the General Secretariat for Ecological Planning (SGPE) has been working, under the radar, and all that has been sown will soon be reaped. »

It remains to be seen how to politically translate such a challenge made up of curves, objectives, acronyms and anxieties… And how to help the French to see things more clearly in the midst of a set of plans that will have an impact on their daily lives. . The executive is up against the wall. In just a few months, the government will have to revise the national low-carbon strategy, the multi-year energy plan, finalize the national plan for adaptation to climate change and project everything into a programming law on energy and climate.

“A very technocratic story”

Monday, Mme Borne has not gone into the hard way: the arbitrations on the concrete measures remain to be taken. The executive promises to unveil its copy at the end of June or the beginning of July, around an ecological planning council. “On the one hand, we have Mr. Macron who has never intellectualized his thinking on the subject. On the other hand, we have Mme Borne which delivers a very technocratic narrative »abruptly sums up deputy Antoine Vermorel-Marques (Les Républicains, Loire), co-author of a report on France’s compliance with international climate agreements.

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