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During the demonstrations of March 28, a mobilization down from the previous week


Pension reform: evolution of the number of demonstrators

Estimates by the Ministry of the Interior and the CGT union of the number of demonstrators during the days of mobilizations against the pension reform.

According to the unions, “more than two million” of people demonstrated on Tuesday, March 28, for the tenth day of mobilization against the pension reform. For its part, the Ministry of the Interior counted 1.08 million demonstrators.

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For thirty years, few social movements have mobilized more than a million people in the streets, according to data from the Ministry of the Interior.

Most were linked to the reforms of the pension system (in 1995, under the government of Alain Juppé, in 2003, under François Fillon, then in 2010 during the Woerth reform), but the mobilizations were also strong against the creation of the first job contract (CPE) in 2006, or the reform of the labor law in 2016.

The graph below summarizes the attendance of the largest social events that have been the subject of a national count by the Ministry of the Interior. The unions generally put forward much higher figures, but it also happens that they do not communicate a balance sheet at the scale of the country.

What are the biggest social mobilizations?

Number of demonstrators in major social mobilizations that have taken place since 1995. Some marches do not appear, due to the lack of available data.

According to the organizers

According to the Ministry of the Interior

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