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Demonstrations of March 23, live: return to calm after an enamelled evening of fires and clashes in Paris


Darmanin denounces the violence of “thugs”

Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin denounced the violence of “breakers” from “extreme left”after the incidents that broke out in France on the sidelines of the demonstrations against the pension reform. “1,500 thugs” were present in Paris for “break cop and public buildings”said the minister, who was speaking from the Paris police headquarters.

At this stage, there are 108 arrests in Paris, some of them for “attacks against persons holding public authority” or some “fires”, he added. Many of the arrested are ” youth “, “many are known” as belonging to “ultra-left”he said again, denouncing “the bordélisation desired by part of the far left”Who “will not win”.

Around 10 p.m., 140 fires had been recorded in the capital, including ” forty “ being extinguished, he added.

At this time, 149 police and gendarmes have been injured, some “seriously”he regretted, referring to jets “acid, Molotov cocktails, cobblestones”against the police.

The damage that has taken place “are very important, much more than the previous days”said Mr. Darmanin, denouncing in particular the degradation of ” public buildings “ in Bordeaux where the porch of the town hall was briefly set on fire, or in Lorient (Morbihan) where a police station was targeted.