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Demonstrations of June 6, live: “We are here against 49.3, we are afraid for democracy, it goes beyond pension reform”


In Lyon, “the link between activists will no longer be as before. This long struggle created a respect”

A few minutes from the start, the parade is getting ready around the van of the CGT health sector. Hanging on the windshield, a small poster asks “money for the hospital, not for capital”. “The time is for resistance and not for refoundation”says another, in reference to the National Council for Refoundation (CNR), created by Emmanuel Macron. “It’s a complete hijacking of the National Council of Resistance, what a shame! You had to dare! » deplores Sabrina Ghefsi, 46, spokesperson for the health section of the CGT du Rhône.

The mobilization promises to be less important than the thirteen previous editions, which counted up to 55,000 demonstrators (22,000 according to the police), on March 23 in Lyon. “We were made a lot of promises during the Covid crisis, we were designated as heroes, and after that nothing. The government plays on the duration, it is a democratic denial. But we will continue. Equal pay for men and women is a subject, isn’t it? »asks Sabrina Ghefsi.

Weariness, but not resignation. This is the feeling of Marc Auray, 62, long-time CGT member, very young retiree. “The link between activists will no longer be as before. This long struggle created a respect. There will be sequels”predicts the technical agent at the Vinatier hospital (Lyon), before joining the unitary order service, at the head of the procession, which brings together several thousand demonstrators.

Preparing the CGT health truck.  Lyon, June 6, 2023.

Richard Schittly (Lyon, correspondent)