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Carole Delga: “Mr. President, come out of your isolation, take the time for this ‘break’ which is requested of you”


MMr President, I am sending you this letter from this France which can’t take it any longer, this France far from the central power, on the outskirts of hope, resignation and anger.

Politics, our people are unique: they want leaders but do not accept the arrogance of power. Empathy and closeness count as much as vision and conviction. I have made it a proven method, as evidenced by my recent meetings with the intersyndicale d’Occitanie. It is a welcome practice, you will grant me, to take the time to discuss and meet.

I found union leaders united, determined and responsible. United by the scale of the social movement, unprecedented in particular by its deep local roots. Determined, because when we fight for a just cause, we are always inhabited by a spirit of conquest. Responsible, because more than ever concerned about dialogue and unanimously rejecting all forms of violence.

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Faced with such a majority and popular movement, faced with inflation and the difficult end of the month, I do not understand your stubbornness in refusing the hand they are extending to you, nor the one to carry today, alone, this project of massively rejected reform. Since your intelligence and your legitimacy are not in question, would this therefore simply be a demonstration of inflexible power?

Since 2017, crises have followed one another. Far be it from me to make you solely responsible for it, that would be simplistic and demagogic. But, in hindsight, your ” at the same time “ crashed into reality, and these were so many missed opportunities to begin this “democratic revolution” of which you were the singer.

The message from the French

From the roundabouts of the “yellow vests” of yesterday to the processions of today, passing through the citizen conventions overused by your recentralising practice, it is however the same message that the French are sending you: the desire to be listened to and respected and, let’s face it, loved by their president and their representatives. The same demand: that social and territorial justice once again become the Ariadne’s thread of public policies in this country.

To those who only see the street, worrying and faceless, I see a people standing up showing a way for the future: recreating the collective, and therefore trust, rebuilding society, coming together around the positive values ​​of our Republic . This wisdom, this popular will must be taken seriously, Mr. Chairman. Because it is this wisdom and this will, and they alone, which will prevent tomorrow the accession to power of the extreme right.

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