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Bernard Cazeneuve dreams of becoming the leader of the anti-Nupes left


Re-elected in pain at the Marseille congress, Olivier Faure has not had a moment’s respite since the weekend of January 28 and 29. The leader of the Socialist Party (PS) must now face attacks from Bernard Cazeneuve, who has just launched the second phase of his anti-Nupes (New Popular Ecological and Social Union) initiative. Five months after the publication of its manifesto “for another left”the former Prime Minister of François Hollande announces, in an interview with Point published on 1er February, wanting to reunite “all those who aspire to a credible political approach”. And this in order to“avoid the victory of the far right” in the 2027 presidential election, while “French people live in the anguish of a changing world”. However, there is no question of creating a party, a form plagued, according to him, by the “cynical device calculations”, but one ” movement ” ultimately led to “to be a force”.

Eight months after the Nupes agreement, the former deputy of La Manche continues to judge the line of the Socialist Party insufficiently clear with regard to La France insoumise (LFI). “Must we intellectually and politically give in to everything? », he pretends to wonder, referring to the ambiguities of the movement of Jean-Luc Mélenchon on Ukraine or Europe. Before castigating LFI’s hostility towards the police or its supposed indulgence towards communitarianism. The Faure camp did not appreciate this offensive. “Retheorizing the irreconcilable lefts at a time when everyone is gathered is going against the grain of history”, replies Pierre Jouvet, spokesman for the PS, citing the unity of the social movement and the Nupes against the pension reform. Close to the current first secretary, Christophe Clergeau sees in this exit “the eternal story of the disappointed PS”. And to continue: “We will need Bernard Cazeneuve to be useful and to go from 30% to 50%, not to hit the PS. »

The benevolent eye of François Hollande

Bernard Cazeneuve, who will be 60 years old in 2023, is he preparing for the next presidential election? If he says “more determined than ever”he is careful not to reveal any personal ambition, considering the idea “grotesque” while “everything has to be rebuilt”. In the meantime, he took care to get ahead of all those who, like him, had plans for an overhaul of social democracy in the cards. Since the presidential election of 2022, there are several of them to phosphorate, under the benevolent eye of François Hollande. The former President of the Republic, for example, received, Monday, January 30, Laurent Joffrin, who set up a think tank, alongside the former mayor of Grenoble Michel Destot, and Jean-Christophe Cambadélis. All three are refining a “platform of the reformist left” that they would make available to all, with, here too, the desire to attract all those who recognize themselves in the “social democracy”. “Our idea is to have a socialist discourse to win back the electorate who vote circumstantially for Jean-Luc Mélenchon or for Emmanuel Macron”details the former managing editor of Release.

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