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Bac 2023, live: discover the subjects of the specialty tests, ask your questions to three teachers of SVT, physics-chemistry and SES


“After that, I’m not going to do anything anymore”

For Kyara and Hanaé, 17 and 18, it’s relief. ” It was easy “they agree to say at the end of their test of economic and social sciences, which they finished very early.

They discussed commitment, the theme they mastered the most since it was dealt with at the start of the year. “We had spent a lot of time on it, after that it accelerated, we finished the last chapters of SES much faster”, says Kyara, who completed the programs of her specialties barely a week ago. For this high school student as for her classmates around her, these tests mark the end of six months “horrible”. “It’s too short to be ready in March,” explains the teenager. The pace is unbearable, I wouldn’t have lasted another month like that. »

Beside her, Hanaé releases a “after that, I’m not going to do anything anymore”before laughing again: “No, I’ll keep coming, I know it’s important to keep going. » But she affirms it, neither the test of philosophy nor the big oral at the end of the year do not alarm her. “I went to the online baccalaureate simulators, I looked at how much I needed to get it and with philosophy barely counts! With the continuous control, it passes even if I have 6 in spec and 14 in the oral exam »she explains with a dubious pout.

In the meantime, remains the test of tomorrow, in history-geography, geopolitics and political science for the two high school girls. They have looked at today’s subjects in this discipline and believe they know that those of tomorrow will be “more difficult, to balance that of SES”. “Tomorrow there will be tears”anticipates Kyara.

Eléa Pommiers (Bordeaux, special correspondent)