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After 49.3, the RN reaches out to LR slingers to break the cordon sanitaire


Cyril Hanouna’s set is the ideal place to have fun while throwing finger snaps. This is what Jordan Bardella did on Friday evening March 17 by making a generous and not necessarily disinterested proposal to the deputies of the Les Républicains (LR) party.

The idea of ​​the president of the National Rally (RN): spare the LR deputies who would vote in the National Assembly, Monday March 20, a motion of censure, by not aligning any RN candidate facing them in the event of dissolution and early legislative elections. “I want to tell these courageous deputies who hesitate, to have the courage to resist pressure and Macronie”, launched Jordan Bardella.

The RN has identified a handful of constituencies held by LR deputies hostile to pension reform but hesitant on the motion of censure, and in which Marine Le Pen recorded high scores in the presidential election. These deputies, while having the feeling of having been elected thanks to their local presence, could worry about their personal future in the event of an early election. “It’s a magic potion to give courage to refractory Gauls”laughs Jean-Philippe Tanguy, deputy president of the RN group at the National Assembly.

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The RN thus puts on the costume of the good prince, looking down on the right which he describes as finishing. He also reinforces his position, hammered every day since his massive entry into the National Assembly, of a formation above the interests of shopkeepers. “at the service of the French”. It is in this sense that Jordan Bardella explained his approach: “I don’t buy votes, I say: let’s stop sectarianism. (…) Can we once put aside the interest of our parties, our shops, and sit around the table in the interest of the French? »

“Try to break the cord”

The reality is more trivial. The RN has struggled to fully exist since the start of the retreat sequence, displaying its opposition in the media but being more discreet in the National Assembly, and absent from social mobilization. Victim of the cordon sanitaire against him, which persists within the walls of the Palais-Bourbon, he knows that his motion of censure will be shunned by almost all of the other deputies – a few LRs could be tempted – and the motion of transpartisan censure, launched by the centrists of the LIOT group, was not open to him.

With his proposal, Jordan Bardella tries to put his party back in the game. “In politics, you always have to show that you are on the initiative, justifies RN MEP Thierry Mariani, long elected from the Gaullist party. And it’s one more act to try to break the cord that surrounds the RN. »

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