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A mayor of Tarn-et-Garonne under police protection after death threats


A new elected representative of the Republic is the subject of threats. The mayor of the small village of Montjoi, in Tarn-et-Garonne, has been placed under police protection following death threats that arose after the broadcast of a video of a far-right influencer targeting him, declared the elected official on Saturday June 3 to Agence France-presse (AFP), confirming daily information The Midi Dispatch.

Christian Eurgal, 75, unlabeled mayor of this small town of 190 inhabitants, has been under protection for a week after death threats were made against him by email, on the town hall’s voicemail or on social networks, he told AFP. “I am threatened with everything, ‘we are going to come and hang you high and short’, ‘the people are going to take care of you'”, he detailed. In the vicinity of this small town, inscriptions on the roads indicating the direction of the residence of the mayor, with the message accompanied by arrows “Eurgal, weasel of Montjoi”were made in paint, still told the chosen one.

The threats began after the broadcast in late May of a long video made by far-right influencer Papacito who attacks the chosen one, calling him a “weasel” who should be driven out of the village of Montjoi. In his video viewed more than 478,000 times on Youtube, the influencer takes the side of a village pig farmer, in dispute with his British neighbor over the use of a path.

Papacito, who had already made a first video on the case several months earlier, accuses Mr. Eurgal of having favored the British owner at the expense of the breeder, which the mayor refutes. The British owner’s house was sprayed with red paint on Wednesday, according to Mr Eurgal. Investigations are underway, said without further details the Montauban prosecution contacted by AFP.

“These people put my life in danger”

According The Midi Dispatch, the pig farmer was sentenced in September 2022 to a suspended fine of 5,000 euros for after preventing the mayor from leaving his town hall until he signed a document. The gendarmerie finally had to intervene.

“I represent the Republic in my town, we are in a state of law, I cannot admit that we can do horrible things”said Mr. Eurgal. “These people put my life in danger, the life of my family in danger”added the elected official who filed several complaints and indicated that he had received a phone call of support from Dominique Faure, the Minister Delegate in charge of local authorities and rurality.

Two individuals in their twenties were also sentenced this week to a 3-month suspended prison sentence for having stolen the French flag hanging from the pediment of the town hall on Monday, as part of a guilty plea procedure, added the prosecution, pointing out that the two men had indicated that they had seen the video of Papacito.

The Montjoi affair comes just a few weeks after the resignation of the mayor of Saint-Brevin-les-Pins (Loire-Atlantique), Yannick Morez, on May 10, under pressure from the far right opposed to a project for a center d reception of asylum seekers in his town, and after an arson attack had targeted his house.

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