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Euronews: In Dubai, success begets success


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“Euronews” stated that business success stories in Dubai enhance the ecosystem of its startups, by encouraging more startups and entrepreneurs to experience business in the emirate, taking advantage of the incubating environment it provides.

Yesterday, the French news network published on its website a report entitled “How do business success stories in Dubai enhance its ecosystem for startups?”, to present examples of the success stories of some emerging companies in Dubai, with a focus on two companies in particular, namely “Careem” for transportation services. Smart on-demand, through smart phone applications, and “Kitubi” for managing cloud kitchens. The report emphasized that success in Dubai begets more success, as evidenced by the success stories of Ketobi and Karim.

Euronews stated that Ketobi was established in Dubai in January 2018, and has become the world’s leading platform in the management of cloud kitchens, as technology is used to maximize the efficiency and results of all aspects related to kitchen operations in real time. Rapidly, the number of its partners now exceeds 200 partners, all of which represent reputable brands, while the number of its employees is 3,500, while it operates 80 cloud kitchens in the member states of the Gulf Cooperation Council.