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Emirates Airlines accounts for 30% of first class seats in the world


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Sir Tim Clark, President of Emirates Airlines, revealed that the airline accounts for 30% of the first-class seats in the world, indicating that 85% of the total number of the airline’s aircraft has first-class seats, while confirming the airline’s interest in the distinguished category of travelers, and its commitment to providing them with high services.

Clark said in an interview with The Australian newspaper on the sidelines of the International Air Transport Association summit that the world may face a shortage of airline seats, with the departure of 120 airline giant planes within ten years, in the absence of a similar alternative.

He added that they expect the double-decker plane to be out of service by 2032 or 2033 at the latest.

Clark confirmed that Emirates Airlines owns dozens of other wide-body aircraft, such as: A350s and Boeing 777-9s, but he reaffirmed that none of them will match the A380 in terms of size and capacity.