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During an international forum, the UAE calls for more measures to ensure better migration governance


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The UAE, in a speech at the International Forum on Migration Review, affirmed that “the objectives of the Global Migration Agreement have always been present in the minds of the state’s leadership and decision-makers, as the state has approved a number of policies and legislation related to entry and residence in the country, especially for skilled workers and foreign workers, and has created new categories. of visas to facilitate their arrival and residence in the country in search of decent work opportunities.”

She said, “In line with what the Global Migration Agreement has endorsed, we believe that migration should be a choice, not an act of desperation to escape from disputes, economic or climatic crises. Therefore, the UAE has adopted an integrated, human-centered approach.”

In its speech, the UAE added: “As we share with you today the recognition of the need to exert more efforts at all levels, nationally, regionally and globally, and to take more measures to ensure better governance of migration… We will continue to develop national policies for labor and migration based on evidence and data, and intensify international cooperation and partnerships. To eradicate the scourge of human trafficking, and to take the necessary measures to provide an environment that helps migrants to fully contribute to sustainable development, and we will continue to work to facilitate the sending of remittances in safer and less costly ways.”

And she added, “We will also continue, through our presidency of the permanent secretariat of the Abu Dhabi Dialogue, to support the plans of member states in implementing the objectives of the agreement, building bridges of knowledge and sharing best practices in various migration corridors, in order to enhance the role of regional consultations in identifying the regional priorities and challenges of migration and ensuring that they are taken into account in Framework for the Global Governance of Migration.