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Dubai Municipality will plant more than 170,000 trees during 2021


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In order to achieve the objectives of the Dubai Urban Plan 2040 with regard to promoting environmental sustainability, increasing green spaces in the emirate, and adding an aesthetic touch to all parts of the city, Dubai Municipality has achieved an environmental achievement by planting more than 170,000 trees in Dubai’s areas, roads and squares during 2021, at a rate of 466 trees per day in all areas. Regions of the Emirate, bringing the size of the green areas to about 43.83 million square meters within the areas under its supervision. This comes as part of Dubai Municipality’s drive to increase the green area in the emirate, as it completed planting an additional 2.83 million square meters during the year.

His Excellency Eng. Daoud Al Hajri, Director General of Dubai Municipality, said: “We are working with the vision and directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, may God protect him, to promote environmental sustainability and increase green areas. The municipality has increased the green area in the Emirate of Dubai. Dubai, aiming to intensify agricultural work in all main and secondary roads and residential areas to enhance the quality of life and community happiness and increase the per capita share of green spaces in the urban area.”

integrated system

The Director General of Dubai Municipality explained that the municipality is working within its strategy to preserve and encourage the spread of the natural and acquired green areas, in balance with population growth and urban expansion, and in accordance with the best international standards and practices to achieve sustainable environmental needs in the Emirate of Dubai. Planning it from public areas, to increase the green area, and implement an integrated system for the prevention and maintenance of cultivated areas and their preservation, in addition to ensuring the operation and maintenance of integrated irrigation systems with the highest efficiency, to ensure the implementation of green spreading projects and the preservation of existing and new green spaces, trees and plants, the local environment and ensuring their sustainable development.

Dubai Municipality plays the role of periodic monitoring and implementation of awareness and guidance programs with the aim of preserving the green space and encouraging its dissemination, in addition to developing and revitalizing the commercial sector of agricultural activity in the Emirate of Dubai by granting licensing approvals to companies and institutions, and ensuring their qualification and control to achieve environmental and economic goals that reflect the requirements of the Emirate of Dubai .

Diversity in planting trees

As part of its efforts to enhance environmental sustainability and increase the green area, Dubai Municipality began to focus on planting local environment trees such as Ghaf and Sidr and trees that tolerate soil salinity. It also developed engineering agriculture in Dubai’s main and secondary roads and squares and its residential areas, and introduced new trees that bear the environment of the UAE, such as Albusida trees. And the green cassia, which is produced by the municipality’s nurseries, in addition to the plant fences that prevent the encroachment of sand on all external roads. The ability to adapt to climatic changes.

sustainable smart systems

Dubai Municipality pays great attention to cosmetic agriculture in the Emirate and the preservation and sustainability of the environment, and is keen on diversifying and increasing farming patterns. It has recently intensified agriculture in all regions through smart and sustainable systems using artificial intelligence to manage irrigation systems and major pumping stations. During the next year, it will develop Cosmetic agriculture and the intensification of agricultural work in the various regions of the Emirate.