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Dubai is first regionally and 17th globally in financial centers


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Dubai topped the regional financial centers and ranked fifth globally in both financial technology “fintech” and the governance and regulation of financial centers, which are two sub-indices within the “Global Financial Centers Index”, issued yesterday by the British “Z/Yen” institution, and the emirate maintained the regional leadership and ranked 17th Globally within the general index, which is the same ranking that it obtained in the previous edition, with a score of 712 points.

Which represents its total balance on the general index, an increase of 21 points over its balance in the previous edition.

Dubai outperformed Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Geneva, Luxembourg, Zurich, Toronto, Munich, Guangzhou, Berlin, Edinburgh, Stockholm, Busan, Copenhagen, and Melbourne, which came in the places from 18 to 31, respectively, on the general index. Abu Dhabi is the second regionally and 32nd globally on the general index, with a score of 697 points, 25 points higher than its score on the 31st edition.

In this release, Dubai continued its good performance on the sub-indices, and ranked first regionally and ninth globally on the sub-index of the most important financial centers, which is based on the answers of experts and relevant financial officials regarding their opinion of the most important financial centers globally.

Dubai has received 63 positive evaluations by experts and officials over the past 24 months, considering it the most important financial center in the world. Abu Dhabi ranked second regionally and 12 globally on this sub-index, with 40 positive evaluations. The top spot in this sub-index belongs to Seoul, which received 248 positive reviews during the same mentioned period.

Dubai won first place regionally and 13th globally on the sub-index “Business Environment”, and ranked first regionally and 14th globally on the sub-index “Infrastructure of Financial Centers”.