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Dubai Airport flights go beyond pre-pandemic


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The number of flights through Dubai Airport for the past two months, January and February, exceeded the pre-pandemic levels of Covid 19, for the first time, by a clear difference, by touching one hundred flights, as the data of the “OAG” international institution, which provides data for airports and airlines, revealed that the number of flights through Dubai Airport During the month of February, it reached 15,128 flights, exceeding for the first time the pre-pandemic levels, when the airport recorded 15,031 flights, during February 2019, which is primarily due to the continuation of both Emirates Airlines and flydubai their expansion operations, starting from Dubai Airport, where The two companies account for the largest share of air traffic and the number of passengers through the airport.

The main local airports (Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah airports) succeeded in returning to pre-pandemic levels, in terms of the number of flights, to be among the few airports in the world that were able to overcome the consequences of the Covid pandemic, in a step that reflects the level of recovery achieved by the aviation sector in the Emirates.

The number of flights through the country’s airports during the first two months of this year amounted to about 47,737 flights, compared to 47,774 flights during the same period in 2019, which preceded the pandemic, that is, a difference of only 37 flights, according to data published by OAG.

The historic return reflects the success of UAE airports in attracting more international airlines, in conjunction with the continuation of the national carriers, which include Emirates Airlines, Fly Dubai, Etihad Airways, Air Arabia, Wizz Air Abu Dhabi, and Air Arabia Abu Dhabi. The flights that operate from Dubai Airport, to 88 international airlines, connect to more than 229 airports around the world in 99 countries, while the flights of 28 airlines operating from Abu Dhabi Airport reach more than 100 different destinations around the world, and the network that airlines reach extends With direct flights from Sharjah Airport, to more than 100 destinations.


OAG data revealed that the total number of airline flights through local airports reached 25,096 flights during last January, while airports recorded about 22,641 flights during February 2023, while the number of flights during January of 2019 reached About 25,034 flights, and during February of the same year, airports recorded 22,740 flights.

The data showed that Abu Dhabi International Airport recorded about 4093 flights during last February, compared to 4844 flights during the same period in 2019, while Sharjah Airport exceeded pre-pandemic levels, in terms of the number of flights, recording 3419 flights during last February, compared to 2865 flights in February 2019.


The key performance indicators for national carriers show a continuous improvement in seat load levels, freight operations, and a significant increase in the network of destinations it covers around the world.

OAG stated that UAE airports accounted for more than 30.8% of the total volume of capacity occupied by airlines in the region as a whole, during January, which amounted to 20.66 million seats, equivalent to 93.9% of pre-Covid levels.