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China Railway wins the contract to build the iconic Habtoor Tower


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The Al Habtoor Group has appointed China Railway 18th Bureau Group Ltd as the main contractor for its flagship project, the Al Habtoor Tower in the heart of Dubai.

The total investment value of the project, which is being built in Al Habtoor City, using innovative, creative and carefully selected construction techniques, is AED 3.7 billion.

Khalaf bin Ahmed Al Habtoor, Founder and Chairman of the Al Habtoor Group, said: “I am very pleased to welcome the China Railway 18th Bureau Group as the main contractor for the implementation of Al Habtoor Tower.”

He added, “In light of the complexities involved in such a project, which requires a progressive and unique approach to construction, choosing the right contractors to carry out the construction work was extremely important to the team and me personally. Our goal is to build the Habtoor Tower to the highest quality standards in record time.”

Al Habtoor continued, “The request for proposals to participate in the tender has been published nationwide. We initially selected 10 bidders and then reduced the number to three main bidders as part of an extensive process. We have received offers from European, local, Indian, Chinese and Middle Eastern companies.”

He pointed out that the selection of the China Railway 18th Bureau Group was based on a list of criteria in its priorities: adherence to the time limit set for the completion of the project, which is 36 months, full technical compliance with advanced quality standards, and the company’s successful record in major projects.

It is noteworthy that the Habtoor Tower, which costs several billion dirhams, will be the largest residential building in the world, as it includes 1,701 apartments on an area of ​​​​3,517,313 square feet and distributed over 81 floors (G + 7 + 73) above the ground.

Regarding the unconventional construction method, Al Habtoor said: “This project involves many challenges as this structural system is being implemented for the first time in Dubai, and it has been validated through a detailed engineering review by internationally renowned experts from Structural San Francisco and Imperial College London. and Terrasol Paris. We chose to salvage the existing structure rather than demolish it and build from scratch at a lower cost, because that would have meant wasting an enormous amount of cement and sand, larger than a 3,000 truckload.”

He added, “That is why we chose to adopt an innovative and sustainable approach, using the top-down construction method, as we use very heavy equipment from Bauer (the contracting party for the implementation of pile foundations), each of which weighs between 60 and 100 tons, to carry out work on the current building. By reusing the existing structure.

Al Habtoor continued, “When the project is completed, our carbon footprint will be less than half of that of similar construction work. Building 1 square meter of similar projects would normally be 1 ton of CO2. Using our method, our carbon footprint would be less than 0.5 tons per meter. Square. Environmental experts are currently evaluating Al Habtoor Tower for LEED Platinum certification, the highest authority on green building rating systems around the world.”

Following the selection of China Railway 18th Bureau Group Ltd as the main contractor for the project, Mr. Zhu Lin, General Manager of the company, wrote to Al Habtoor stating, “On behalf of China Railway 18th Bureau Group Ltd, I would like to take this golden opportunity to express our deep gratitude. We are pleased to win the tender for the construction of the Habtoor Tower, which constitutes a landmark, which clearly reflects your great confidence in us to deliver the project in a manner that fully meets your aspirations. And down to your best expectations, we express our full commitment to employing our full potential and capabilities in the implementation of the project. You will never be disappointed with the promises we made to you. And we will associate words with deeds.”

He added, “As we embark on the implementation of this prestigious and avant-garde project, we assure you that we will form a tremendous team with all specialists to accomplish all the arduous and challenging tasks, and achieve success in a way that satisfies the aspirations of all parties. We look forward to a successful and fruitful long-term relationship with your esteemed company.”

A Bauer representative said, “We are delighted that the Al Habtoor Group has selected us to participate in this prestigious project. Bauer developed unique foundation solutions in collaboration with clients, consulting engineers and architects to allow the massive building to be erected over a three-level basement. This technology is based on deep rectangular pile foundations that can carry huge building weights.

He continued, “One of the unique challenges is building and installing foundations from the upper part of an existing lower structure. Innovative solutions in engineering, design and construction methods were developed to meet the unique needs of this project. The work is underway at the site using our specialized Bauer MC96 BC 40 Cutter, which is used in the construction of pile foundations with depths of more than 90 meters.

Home to Dubai’s most luxurious lifestyle destinations, the acclaimed Al Habtoor City was officially launched in 2016, with its three hotels affiliated with international hotel chains – Al Habtoor Palace by LXR Hotels & Resorts, V Hotel by Curio Collection by Hilton, and Hilton Dubai Al Habtoor City – as well as Dubai’s #1 show, La Perle, offering a unique world-class theatrical experience in a purpose-built aquatic theatre, and three luxurious residential towers – Noorah, Amna and Meera.