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China eases entry restrictions for Americans


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The Chinese Embassy in Washington issued notices late Friday that China will ease restrictions on Americans’ entry into the country and will also allow entry if they come from a third country, in easing of rules imposed by Beijing to curb the spread of COVID-19.

China’s “zero-Covid” policy to reduce the risk of travelers infected with the virus from abroad has created many obstacles to international travel, from restrictions on the issuance of passports and the renewal of passports for Chinese citizens to strict quarantine requirements on arrival.

According to an updated policy statement, Americans who have had a recent negative COVID-19 test result and are looking to enter China can apply for and receive a Green Health Code for travel from the United States or a third country. In the past, the embassy only issued health codes to US citizens coming directly from the United States.

China recently relaxed the same restrictions imposed on citizens of other countries.

The restrictions, along with a limited number of direct flights from the United States to China, have caused ticket prices to skyrocket to $10,000.

The changes come after a similar slight relaxation of Covid testing rules for people arriving in China from countries including the United States, which was announced on May 18.