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“Big Bad Wolf” returns to Dubai with discounts of up to 90%


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The largest book discounts market in the world, “Big Bad Wolf” Dubai, which comes as part of a strategic partnership with the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority, is preparing to receive its visitors, starting from March 31, for a period of 10 days.

And through a bouquet of surprises dedicated to book collectors and those who are passionate about reading from all over the United Arab Emirates, where visitors to the exhibition, which will take its place in Dubai Studio City, can find their reading preferences among more than a million books on display.


According to a number of publications on the official account of the event on “Instagram”, it is expected that visitors to the exhibition will find discounts of up to 90% on books, and at prices for publications whose value starts at about “two dirhams”.

In addition to free entry – with the requirement to register via the website – noting that a number of visitors may be lucky to win “mysterious prizes” randomly allocated to the public.

The doors of “Big Bad Wolf” are open daily from nine in the morning until two after midnight. So that the audience will have a date with what can be described as piles of books that are comparable in their knowledge treasure to the most expensive prices, so that the exhibition brings to the city of Dubai different types and topics of best-selling books, which range in their “theme” between fantasy, realism, picture books, cookbooks, And many other things that suit the tastes of all readers and cater to all age groups.

an opportunity

The exhibition is a great opportunity to discover new titles, or collect different versions of classic or contemporary novels.

It is worth noting that the discounted exhibition, the most prominent of its kind in the world, was launched for the first time in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2009.

In its concept, it aims to “make reading accessible and affordable”, so that the act of reading is enjoyable, establishing a whole new generation of readers all over the world.

The event first took place in the UAE in 2018 and has become a popular destination for book lovers ever since.