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Woman wakes to ‘crime scene’ in her bed after overnight Airbnb visitor


An Australian woman has woken up to a “crime scene” in her bed, discovering a creature had shared the night with her in an Airbnb.

Shan Wright discovered a cheeky possum had made its way inside for a sleepover while she was none the wiser.

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“I slept on that side of the bed and I’ve woken up and this is here,” she says, sharing her horror on TikTok as she shows the clean sheets where she slept before panning to the other side which is covered in urine and faeces.

“We’re in a beautiful Airbnb and something has slept with me.”

Wright said the animal left droppings all over the floor, but she was not sure what it was at first — making the incident earlier this month that little bit scarier.

“I’ve just woken up to a crime scene and I didn’t know about it all night,” she said.

Australian woman Shan Wright woke to find a possum had shared her bed at an Airbnb. Credit: @shan.wright/TikTok

Wright documented her attempt at finding the possum as she and her friend nervously checked their luggage and crevices of the Airbnb for the animal.

“I’m concerned about how soundly I slept,” she said.

In a final update, the traveller confirmed her possum friend had been found and relocated while the pair were out sightseeing.

Wright praised her Airbnb hosts, who quickly came and changed the linen and mattress.

“They boarded up the fireplace, so my little mate couldn’t visit me … can confirm I didn’t sleep very well,” she said.

Wright joked she was “a bit sad” she did not get to meet the overnight companion before it was found.

“I mean, not in the middle of the night in my bed, but the morning would have worked for me,” she said in the comments, adding: “he was very polite not to wake me up.”

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