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Woman ‘traumatised’ after stomach-churning discovery in her kitchen gadget


A woman and her blender have sent the internet into a frenzy, after she revealed the stomach-churning discovery that left her traumatised.

American Niki Detrich has urged others to wash their blenders thoroughly – after she found maggots inside the blade.

WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: Woman discovers maggots inside blender.

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The digital creator admitted she only rinsed her blender out with hot water after each use and, worse, only washed it with soap after every three uses.

“I had the most traumatic thing happen to me today and, I need to do a quick PSA (public service announcement),” she started her now-viral TikTok video.

“If you are the type of person who doesn’t always fully wash your blender blades, you need to listen to this because I’m not doing ok.

Niki Detrich with her blender. Credit: TikTok/@nikidetrich

“I have always, whenever I use my blender, immediately rinsed out my blades with hot water.

“And then maybe every three uses, I’ll scrub it out with soap, and you might be thinking ‘Nikki, what the hell is wrong with you?’”

Detrich thought hot water was enough to remove all the “crud” from the blades.

But she quickly explained the error of her ways.

“I had little maggots,” she says, pointing to the small larvae squirming in the grooves of her blender blade, before letting out a scream.

“I had maggots in my blender blades, probably because I don’t really wash them out.

“I think my educated guess is that it’s fruit fly larvae that laid eggs there.

“So wash your blades – don’t be like me.”

Her video went viral, gaining more than 1.8 million views and thousands of comments.

Detrich points out the maggots squirming around the blender. Credit: TikTok/@nikidetrich

“This is so much worse than what my imagination was thinking,” one person wrote.

“Why would you think it’s ok to (only) wash your blender after three uses, though?” another questioned.

While a third said: “OMG, I thought it was just going to be mould. This is so much worse.”

“I’m genuinely so disturbed I don’t think I’d ever recover,” a fourth commented.

A number of commenters asked whether Detrich had thrown the blender away, but in a follow-up video, we can see that she did not.

The TikToker said the blade could not be pulled apart to clean it, nor could she put the appliance in the dishwasher.

Detrich look disgusted as she told her story on TikTok. Credit: TikTok/@nikidetrich

“It’s kind of like a Nutribullet where the cup sits on the top,” she explained.

“The actual cups itself can go in the top rack of the dishwasher.

“But (the blade), I cannot put in the dishwasher because it’s all mechanical.”

The anxious woman has been left “traumatised” and has been checking her house since for more maggots.

“I have not used the blender since,” she said.

“If anyone actually knows what (the maggots were) and if I should be scared, let me know.

“But I think I got them.”

New blender

In a recent post to the video-sharing platform, Detrich revealed she reached out to the company who sold her the blender.

“I have a very exciting update in this saga,” she started.

“I reached out and they very kindly gave me some tips on how to clean the blender.”

She was told to “blend up soap and water” and to clean it out with vinegar once a month.

Detrich received a new blender blade. Credit: TikTok/@nikidetrich

But that wasn’t all.

“They also sent me a new blade for my blender, so I don’t have to keep using my maggot one,” she added.

She finished the video by showing her 146,000 followers what she makes for breakfast with her refreshed appliance.

And for one of her fans, it was a relief to know she had received a replacement: “Thank God, I was concerned for you.”

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