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Wild footage shows ‘talking’ dog named Ripley asking his owners for ‘car food’


An 11-month-old Australian shepherd has gone viral on TikTok using talking buttons to ask his owners for “car food”.

Ripley, whose TikTok account has more than 30,000 followers, uses FluentPet’s recordable talking buttons to communicate with his owners, Gary and Kristina.

WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: Australian shepherd named Ripley asks his owners for ‘car food’.

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In a video, which now has nearly four million views, Ripley approached the talking button board and pressed the words “car”, “food” and “smell”.

His parents, eating ice cream on the couch, were left scratching their heads, trying to decode the message.

“Car food smell?” Kristina asked.

“Every time we’re at Dunkin’…” Gary said.

An 11-month-old Australian shepherd has gone viral using talking buttons to ask his owners for ‘car food’. Credit: TikTok

In the US, Dunkin’ Donuts Drive-Thru have “pup cups” – a cup of cream – so furry friends can share a treat with humans.

“We’re having ice cream… and it smells like dairy,” Kristina said, starting to understand.

“It smells like ‘car food’! It smells like a pup cup!”

“You think so?” Gary asked.

“Gary, CAR FOOD… the only food he’s ever had in the car is a pup cup!

“What is the single ingredient in a pup cup? Cream! What are we eating right now? Vanilla ice cream!”

The clever pup was rewarded with his very own cup of “car food”.

The dog, named Ripley, asks for ‘car food’. Credit: TikTok

Dunkin’ Donuts responded to Ripley’s video in the comment section.

“That’s a good boy for sure,” the coffee chain said.

Other people were just as blown away with Ripley’s communication skills.

“These dogs are brilliant,” said one person.

“He’s got y’all trained so well lol,” said another.

“And people try to say these dogs don’t actually understand the buttons,” one person wrote.

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