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Why you need to clean your floors now: ‘That is putrid!’


Cleaning enthusiasts have revealed the truth of the hidden dirt in our floors that will make you want to get out the mop and vacuum right now.

A member of the Facebook group Cleaning & Organising Inspiration Australia has posted pictures of the results of using the popular floor cleaner Tineco Floor One S5 Pro.

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Just as the deep-cleaner vacuums and washes floors simultaneously, people have been blown away – and grossed out – at the same time with the results.

“This was my first time using my Tineco Floor One S5 Pro on my kitchen, hallway and laundry floor,” the woman wrote in her first post.

“Dog hair, crumbs and bits – gotta say, it did an amazing job.”

Day 1 of using the Tineco S5 Floor One Pro Credit: Facebook

She posted a picture of the colour of the water after cleaning the floor with the Tineco floor cleaner, plus all the dog hair, dirt and other “bits” the cleaner picked up.

The next day, she posted an update.

“So this is my third time using my Tineco in a week,” she wrote.

“I’m absolutely loving it. The water is getting a bit better.

Day 3 of using Tineco S5 Floor One Pro. Credit: Facebook

Even after using it three times, the water in the cleaner was still brown, and it was still picking up lots of dog hair and dirt.

‘Best money spent’

People were shocked at the results – in the best way possible.

“That is PUTRID… I love it!” wrote one person.

“Wow! I feel like I need this for my floors now,” said another.

“Amazing!” a third commented.

People who own a Floor One S5 Pro raved about it.

“I have recently purchased an S5 and love it – it has changed my life,” someone wrote.

“It is so satisfying and a little addictive. I am amazed at how much mine brought up the first time after we had been using a normal mop. Best money ever spent,” said one person.

“I think I cleaned my house with it 4 times before the water wasn’t this dirty. They are great,” another commented. has not received any monetary benefit from this content.

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