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Whitney saw ‘inexcusable’ messages written about her during a work meeting. Her response went viral


An American businesswoman has called out a group of men who accidentally shared a screen where they made explicit comments about her looks during a Zoom meeting.

Whitney Sharpe, a 28-year-old recruiting and staffing professional from Boston, was talking to potential clients when they began using a Microsoft Teams channel to discuss her looks.

WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: Woman’s response to ‘locker room talk’ goes viral

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Sharpe told BuzzFeed she was not comfortable sharing all the men’s comments, but in one she was described as a “f****** bombshell”.

At the end of the meeting, Sharpe revealed to the potential clients that she had seen the “nasty” messages and wanted to speak to a female representative from then on.

She then posted the exchange to TikTok with the caption: “It’s rough being a woman in a male-dominated field” – and it immediately went viral.

Whitney Sharpe’s TikTok has gone viral. Credit: TikTok/@whitneyrose617

“It’s 2023, can this stop,” read a message on the video.

“First of all, if we’re going to continue to work together, I want to work with a woman sales representative because I don’t want to have to see locker room talk about myself when you’re sharing screens,” she told the men.

“I know that was a mistake, but I don’t want to see that.”

One of the men said it was an “inexcusable mistake”, adding, “apologies on that”.

Sharpe’s video has had more than two million views, with many congratulating her for calling the men out.

“Queen behaviour,” one person wrote.

“Good for you,” said another. “This is amazing.”

“The problem was not that he shared his screen, but that the ‘locker room talk’ was going on at all,” a third wrote.

“The way he apologises for accidentally sharing it but not for talking about you that way,” one follower fumed.

One woman felt Sharpe could have been stronger in her condemnation.

“Girl no. You let them off easy,” they wrote.

Sharpe said she wanted to remain calm. Credit: Instagram/Whitney Sharpe

But Sharpe disagreed.

“My goal was to keep my composure and remain calm, their leadership team has been made aware of what happened,” she responded.

“Losing my cool wouldn’t have helped.”

Sharpe followed up with a second post, seen in the video below, revealing that she wasn’t 100 per cent happy with the email response she received after making a complaint to her potential clients’ company.

“How not to apologise in corporate America 101,” the video was captioned.

“I think this could have been written a lot better,” she said.

“I also think he could have picked up the phone and called me himself.”

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Part of the letter read: “I understand you’d like to work with a female moving forward, however, I do not have anyone skilled enough to assist you that is female.”

“Hello, red flag, red flag!” Sharpe said.

“Why don’t you hire someone?

“There’s plenty of talented women out there in the field.”

Sharpe shared the email response she received. Credit: TikTok/@whitneyrose617

Sharpe then notes that the email reads: “I am terribly sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.”

“It’s more of a ‘sorry I got caught’ email,” Sharpe said.

“It doesn’t seem sincere, it doesn’t come across as genuine, it doesn’t say what actions they’re taking.”

Again, Sharpe’s followers were not impressed by the company’s response.

“So he only hires bros, and the entire company is toxic. Next,” one person wrote.

“Sorry for the inconvenience? Are you kidding me?” another exclaimed.

“Literally run. This is all the red flags and probably why they don’t have enough women working there,” added one follower.

In one final update on TikTok, Sharpe revealed that the company’s vice-president did eventually pick up the phone, but not because the story had blown up on social media.

Sharpe decided not to do business with the company. Credit: TikTok/@whitneyrose617

“He called me to do damage control, basically to save the sale,” she said.

She then revealed she had decided not to go ahead with this particular company.

“I cannot work with a vendor that does not support women in business,” she said.

“The only thing he said he was going to do to ‘take action’ was talk to HR.”

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Sharpe said she would not reveal the company’s name but was glad her videos had “sparked some really important conversations”.

“You handle this with the grace they do not deserve,” one person following the story wrote.

“It’s not your job to protect their reputation. But major props for holding them accountable,” said a second.

“How was that man or men not fired?” one woman wondered.

“But instead their performance BOASTED (about) in that email?

“It’s like a Mad Men episode.”

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