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Watch: Wild scenes in Big W store as verbal stoush between two women becomes physical


Wild scenes erupted in a Big W store when a verbal stoush between two women became physical, with one picking items off a nearby shelf and hurling them at the other.

The fracas was caught on video by a customer and posted to TikTok.

WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: Two women fighting cause a scene in Big W store.

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It is unclear what sparked the furore between the two women — who appeared to know each other — in the Canberra store on Wednesday afternoon.

“That’s my man!,” one woman is heard screaming at the other.

“Right here, let’s go, s***,” another women is heard yelling.

Two men accompanying the women remain largely silent in the video of the incident.

The video posted by user @whatsticktok97 shows a brunette woman pushing over a pile of boxed products stacked between her and her rival, causing them to crash to the ground.

The chaotic clash between two women in a Canberra Big W store on Wednesday was diffused and no one was injured. Credit: TikTok

“You’re running, you’re running, you’re running, s***,” the blonde woman calls out.

She can be seen picking up products from a nearby shelf and hurling them towards the other woman as Big W staff attempt to intervene.

“I’m gonna kill you,” the brunette woman screams before storming back into the sports isle.

Products fly through the air as Big W staff continue their attempts to defuse the situation.

“Yesterday afternoon in one of our Canberra stores there was a disagreement between customers that was quickly defused,” a Big W spokesperson told

“No customers or team members were injured.”

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