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Video lays bare ‘hidden’ danger as deadly dog disease spreads in Australia


A Queensland vet nurse has shared alarming footage revealing the deadly hidden danger that could be lurking on your pet.

Posting on TikTok, Gold Coast vet nurse Tess Nolan issued a plea to Australians to urgently protect their dogs and cats against paralysis ticks.

Watch above: Vet nurse removes hidden tick from dog

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She shared footage that shows her removing a deadly paralysis tick from a dog with curly fur, showing just how hard ticks can be to detect.

“Paralysis ticks will hide in your pet’s coat, start to feed and secrete toxins, causing paralysis of the hind legs and oesophagus,” said Tess, who uses the handle @TessVetNurse.

“Don’t risk it, please protect your pet with a preventative product.”

In the video, you can see a paralysis tick burrowed into the fur of a dog. Credit: tessvetnurse/TikTok

Paralysis tick symptoms

The video comes amid warnings from experts and local vets about a spike in paralysis tick cases in recent weeks.

“Paralysis ticks are small parasites that are found along the East Coast of Australia,” Greencross Vets advise.

“They attach to pets and inject a toxin that causes progressive muscle paralysis, that can be fatal if left untreated.

“Signs of tick paralysis include wobbly back legs, retching, lethargy or collapse, difficulty breathing, trouble swallowing or a change in their bark or meow.”

A tick this size could kill a dog the size of a great dane. Credit: TessVetNurse/TikTok

Pet owners are urged to contact their vet or visit their local pet store to discuss tick prevention products.

Earlier this week, the Animal Welfare League warned of a deadly disease which spread through ticks was detected in Queensland.

Ehrlichiosis, a lethal bacteria spread through brown ticks, has put dog owners on high alert.

“There’s a real chance of it spreading to all parts of Australia which is why it is so important to ensure prudent tick prevention,” Animal Welfare League veterinarian Dr Karishma Dahia told 7NEWS.

“Because of the risk of it potentially going undetected, there is a real risk of it being spread through the dog population.”

Pet owners have been urged to use preventative products to protect their pets against ticks. Credit: TessVetNurse/TikTok

Source: 7News