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‘Unacceptable’ detail in photo of Woolies shopper sparks angry backlash: ‘How dare you?’


An “unacceptable” detail in an image of a Woolworths supermarket customer has sparked a fiery response on social media.

A fellow shopper photographed the Woolies customer as he was bending over to peruse the fresh produce aisle at his local store.

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The man in question can be seen wearing shorts, a singlet – and no shoes.

In his Facebook post, the shopper said he was appalled to see that the man had bare feet.

“Is there a shoe shortage in Australia?” the shopper asked. “How is this acceptable on a worksite, Woolworths?”

A man shared this image of a Woolworths customer wearing no shoes. Credit: Facebook

The post prompted an angry reaction, with many defending the shoe-less shopper.

“How does this impact you? He isn’t wiping his feet on the fresh produce,” said one.

Another wrote: “Why does it matter to you? If he wants to walk about barefoot and risk any injury, that’s surely up to him.”

A third added: “Well he’s not putting his feet on the food is he?”

One more said: “Are you wearing shoes? If so why does it matter that he’s happy to walk around in other peoples filth?”

Others were baffled as to how the shopper thought Woolworths was a “worksite”, adding that it’s not the supermarket’s “responsibility what their customers wear”.

“How the f*** is it a ‘worksite’?” asked one. “He’s shopping, not bricklaying you melt.”

Many Facebook users didn’t have an issue with the man wearing no shoes. Credit: Facebook

Added another: “It’s a supermarket not a worksite.”

A third said: “How does this affect you in any way? Also, I am betting staff aren’t going round looking at everyone’s feet to make sure they are wearing shoes.”

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