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Two-metre diamond python slithers into Sydney home


A two-metre diamond python has been removed from a home in Sydney’s south after residents spotted it slithering on their balcony.

The Bundeena residents had suspected something was wrong when they noticed their local ringtail possums had gone missing.

“We used to have ringies in the roof, but something’s been flushing them out,” the home owner said in a video of the serpent’s capture.

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On Wednesday morning, they saw the king-sized snake on their terrace and immediately called local firefighters.

By the time the reptile retrieval unit arrived, the serpent had wriggled into the front garden.

A two-metre diamond python has been removed from a home in Sydney’s south. Credit: AAP

Armed with a pair of snake tongs, specially trained firies plucked the python from the grass and placed it into a catching bag before releasing it at the nearby Royal National Park.

Diamond pythons live in coastal areas of NSW and are frequently spotted in the rafters of Sydney homes that border on bushlands.

At two to three metres long, they can look imposing, but diamond pythons are non-venomous and generally prey on small mammals and lizards.

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Source: 7News