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Travel chaos to hit Australia: Here’s the day next week not to fly


Australian travellers with holiday plans next week could face major delays as firefighters flag travel trouble is on the cards when they walk off the job at airports nationwide.

Some holidaymakers say they are hesitant to fly without firefighters ready for any emergencies during the four-hour strike at 27 international and domestic airports across all capital cities and major regional hubs on December 9.

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7NEWS spoke to several travellers on Wednesday who said they did not want to be on a plane if there were no firefighters on the ground during take-off and landing.

On top of the nerves, travellers could also face airport chaos, with the United Firefighters Union saying it could potentially ground planes at every major airport in the country and cause delays throughout the day.

The union says the strike action will impact all international and domestic traffic and cause major delays, but airlines are adamant services will be full-speed ahead.

The strike is part of ongoing industrial action over staffing following the loss of more than 100 aviation firefighter jobs since October last year.

‘Serious disruption’ flagged

United Firefighters Union aviation branch secretary Wes Garrett said their concerns were longstanding issues focused on safety.

“We know there’s gonna be some pretty serious disruption during that four-hour window,” he told Sunrise on Wednesday.

“We’re 100 firefighters short … our members don’t see any option but to escalate our action. For us, safety comes first.”

Air Services Australia says the dispute is over demands for a 15.5 per cent pay rise.

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While firefighters expect their action could cause airport chaos, Air Services Australia said there were plans in place to avoid disruption.

“We’re required to give seven days notice … that gives industry seven days to plan around those stoppages,” Garrett said.

“It’s up to air services to reschedule those flights.”

Air Services Australia’s Dominique Lamb told 7NEWS: “There’s a whole raft of things that Air Services Australia will put in place to ensure that people can still operate and fly around our country in a safe manner.”

Qantas and Virgin both told 7NEWS they will continue to fly, with Qantas saying it did not predict any interruptions to travel.

The details of their plans to fly without firefighters are not yet clear.

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Source: 7News