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Top tipper: Customer who left $10,000 tip for Melbourne waitress identified


The identity of a generous diner who tipped a Melbourne waitress $10,000 has been revealed.

Student Lauren was working at Italian restaurant Gilson in South Yarra on Saturday when she received the life-changing tip.

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A customer paying his lunch bill punched an extra $10,000 into the eftpos machine, with Lauren initially certain he had made a mistake.

“I made them say the number out loud because I thought, what if I have just gotten too excited and I’ve stupidly read an extra zero, or something like that,” she told 7NEWS.

“I keep going over it again and again in my head. The actual experience of it happening, second by second, was surreal and amazing.”

Gilson restaurant waitress Lauren received a $10,000 tip on Saturday, and was told to keep most of it for herself. Credit: Instagram @gilson_southyarra / 7NEWS

The customer specifically requested $7000 go directly to Lauren and $3000 be distributed between the rest of the staff.

The mysterious diner has now been revealed to be young Australian crypto billionaire Ed Craven, according to The Herald Sun.

The 27-year-old is the co-founder of online cryptocurrency casino which he set up in 2017. It is illegal to play in Australia.

Last year Craven debuted on the Financial Review 2022 Young Rich List which reported he was worth an estimated $1.1 billion.

Ed Craven is the 27-year-old founder of cryptocurrency casino Credit: Twitter

Australian Financial Review also reported Craven was the buyer behind the record-breaking $88 million sale of a mansion in Toorak last year.

Lauren said she was “extremely grateful” to be recognised for her service and told 7NEWS she’s probably going to spend the money on an overseas holiday.

“To know that they thought that much of my service is amazing,” she said.

“I’ve never been overseas, so the first thing that everyone was saying to me was to go on a holiday.

“That money is just going to help, a lot.”

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Source: 7News