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The luckiest Lotto division one jackpot ages, genders and letters revealed in new data


If you’re a male in your sixties and your name begins with the letter S, your profile had the most lottery luck last year.

New data from The Lott has revealed what the division one winners of 2022 had in common, and the names of the most unlucky players.

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The new entrant data has anonymously illustrated the luckiest ages, names and genders of the year.

“An abundance of Australians” were introduced to the “winners club” this year, The Lott spokesperson Anna Hobdell said.

“While it’s always fun to delve into the history books, it’s important to remember that anyone with a ticket in their hand has a chance of winning regardless of their name, birthdate or gender.”

It was a close call between genders, but male players took home 56.4 per cent of the jackpot prizes in 2022. Ladies lucked out 43.60 per cent of time.

The top generation

Lottery entrants aged in their sixties were the most commonly successful in 2022, taking home 33.99 per cent of the jackpot wins.

Those in their fifties won just over a quarter of the division one prizes at 19.76 per cent of wins while players in their 70s won 19.36 percent of the jackpot prizes in 2022.

Here is the generational breakdown of the jackpot winners of 2022:

20s – 3.16 per cent30s – 7.50 per cent40s – 11.46 per cent50s – 19.76 per cent60s – 33.99 per cent70s – 19.37 per cent80s – 3.56 percent

What’s in a name?

The luckiest names began with the letter S in 2022, securing more than 10 per cent of the jackpot wins.

Meanwhile, those names beginning with J fell just short of first place for a second year in a row, taking out 9.57 per cent of total wins in 2022.

And the initial A was printed on 8 per cent of last year’s novelty cheques.

The unluckiest letters were O, U, X or Z with not a single jackpot winner with a first name beginning with those letters.

How well did your first name initial fare in the A to Z breakdown of 2022 winners?

A – 8 per cent B – 3.8 per centC – 6.38 per centD – 6.38 per centE – 2.13 per cent F – 1.06 per centG – 6.91 per centH – 1.86 per centI – 1.06 per centJ – 9.57 per centK – 3.72 per centL – 6.12 per centM – 7.71 per centN – 1.06 per centO – 0 per centP – 6.65 per centQ – 0.27 per centR – 5.85 per centS – 10.11 per centT – 4.26 per centU – 0 per centV – 1.06 per centW – 2.13 per centX – 0 per centY – 0.53 per centZ – 0 per cent

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