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The hidden switch on your ceiling fan you don’t know about – and must be changed now


Aussie home owners have been sent into a frenzy over news of a little-known switch on their ceiling fans.

Sharing on a popular Facebook group, a mum revealed that there was a “summer” and “winter” setting on most ceiling fans.

“PSA: Spring is here and the weather is heating up!” she wrote on the Mums Who Clean page.

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“Now is a good time to clean the cleaning fans and flick the little switch from ‘winter’ to ‘summer’.”

Experts advise that the summer setting turns the blades anti-clockwise, directing the cool breeze down into the room.

The winter setting, meanwhile, rotates clockwise towards the roof. And given that warm air rises, it means warmer air is being circulated around the room.

Many had no idea the switch on their ceiling fan existed. Credit: MileA/Getty Images/iStockphoto

The revelation left many home owners stunned, saying they had “no idea” the switch existed.

“Never knew this, cleaned them twice a year, never noticed,” wrote one.

“Well they say you learn something new every day? That’s me done for the day!”

Another added: “What in the hillbillies, there’s a season switch?”

A third wrote: “How did I not know this? Feeling pretty silly right now.”

One more added: “Did you know this?! I don’t have fans, but I just learnt something new in my 32 years.”

The summer setting circulates air in an anti-clockwise direction, while the winter setting moves air clockwise. Credit: Supplied

Said another: “I was today old, when I realised this was a thing!”

Others were quick to check their own fans for the setting.

“Hands up those of us who are off to check for a switch?” asked one.

Another said: “I literally stood up walked around the fan, spotted it and was like well there you go!”

A few said they were aware of the switch, but chose to keep it on the “summer” setting all year round.

“Lol, central Queensland here – mine’s on summer all year round,” one responded.

Another said: “Mine stays on Summer all year round … menopause!”

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Source: 7News