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Sunrise hosts Kochie and Nat stunned by guest’s take on Texas school shooting


Sunrise presenters David ‘Kochie’ Koch and Natalie Barr have been stunned by a guest’s take on how to solve America’s mass shooting crisis.

The breakfast TV hosts spoke to FBI veteran and active shooter expert Greg Shaffer on Wednesday after news broke there had been another massacre, this time at a Texas primary school.

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At least 18 students, one teacher, and two other adults were killed when 18-year-old gunman Salvador Ramos stormed Robb Elementary school on Tuesday.

When asked for his opinion on how to end the constant stream of shootings at US schools, Shaffer raised eyebrows with his response.

“We need to put armed police officers in every school in America, no questions asked,” he said.

“Secondly, we need to get better at realising the pre-indicators to violence so we can prevent these attacks from happening before they do.

“We’re doing a pretty good job at how to respond to these, but we need to stop them before they start.”

Greg Shaffer suggested that bringing guns into schools would stop shootings. Credit: Sunrise

Kochie immediately questioned how someone with Shaffer’s credentials could have formed such an opinion.

“So Greg Shaffer, FBI veteran and expert on active shooter situations, you’re saying the way to fight this is with more guns? Is to actually put armed police in every school?

“Australians would shake their head at that and say, ‘Why don’t you tighten gun laws?’ Is that unrealistic in the US now? Has it got beyond the point of no return?”

Shaffer responded by saying the “ship has sailed” on gun control in the United States before claiming the country doesn’t have a “gun violence problem,” it has an “evil person problem”.

“These people are sick, they’re violent by nature and that’s what causing this,” he claimed.

“You can’t confiscate all of the weapons in America and with our second amendment, you lawfully can’t do it.”

Kochie and Nat couldn’t believe what they were hearing.
Kochie and Nat couldn’t believe what they were hearing. Credit: Sunrise

Natalie Barr then asked: ”The fact that Americans don’t admit that there’s a problem, isn’t that a problem?”

Following the interview, Kochie said Shaffer’s response gave viewers “an insight into the horrific psyche of Americans in this situation”.

“So just give up and everywhere you go has an armed policeman to shoot back? Give kids in school a gun so they can shoot back?” he asked.

“Oh my goodness, you’ve got to try.”

Source: 7News