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Sunrise host Natalie Barr shares hilarious attempt to get ‘quokka selfie’


It’s the one thing you have to do if you go to Western Australia and visit tourist hotspot Rottnest Island – get a quokka selfie.

Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal have done it, Chris Hemsworth’s done it and so have Matt Damon and Margot Robbie.

WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: Nat Barr’s hilarious attempt at quokka selfie

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So when Sunrise host Nat Barr paid a visit to Rotto, as the locals call it, she had to tick it off the bucket list.

But it wasn’t quite as easy as she perhaps thought it might be.

Roger Federer managed a quokka selfie. Credit: 7NEWS
So did Rafael Nadal. Credit: 7NEWS

Posting the hilarious efforts to Instagram, Barr can be seen crawling through the grass in a black and white striped dress, trying to talk to the cameraman as quietly as possible so she doesn’t scare off the cute little critters.

It’s a messy business, with Barr admitting if she wants this selfie, she’s going to have to crawl over quokka droppings to get it.

“I’m trying to get a quokka selfie, and this is how you do it,” she says to the camera, as she crawls on hands and knees before lying down and spotting her selfie subject.

Natalie Barr crawls across the grass to get a quokka selfie. Credit: Instagram/Sunrise on 7

“Shall I reverse over the quokka poo to get to him?” she asks her camera operator after waiting a while to see if the quokka will come to her.

“I’m being really quiet,” she whispers. “I am in the quokka environment.”

This is not as easy as it looks. Credit: Instagram/Sunrise on 7

Suddenly, a quokka appears in the frame at the bottom right-hand corner.

“I feel like David Attenborough!” she exclaims as the quokka casually munches on grass behind her.

As the quokka then turns around, facing away from her, Barr says: “It’s not really a selfie, is it? It’s a selfie of its rear end.”

Finally, Barr finds the sweet spot – and manages a selfie with not one, but two quokkas.

Clearly excited, she exclaims: “I’ve got two! Double quokka selfie!”

Success as Nat gets a selfie with not just one but two quokkas. Credit: Instagram/Sunrise on 7

Later, clambering off the grass, Barr is asked if she got the shot.

“Look, so they pooed on me, like, everywhere, but we got the selfie!” she answered.

“It was worth it!”

Nat Barr after getting her quokka selfie. Credit: Instagram/Sunrise on 7

Sunrise viewers had a field day with the footage.

“Nat kills it!” one fan wrote.

“Double quokka … must be some sort of news award in that!”

“Love your work, Nat!” said another.

“Maybe you need to be a Hemsworth to make this look easy. But your version is way more entertaining,” one fan joked.

“Thanks for bringing a smile to my morning,” wrote another.

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