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Sunrise host Nat Barr left ‘a bit confused’ as Kochie pranked moments before live broadcast


It may have been David Koch’s last day on-air for Sunrise in 2022, but he’s not likely to forget it in a hurry.

The TV veteran took a while on Thursday to notice that he was being pranked by his crew – and his reaction was pure gold.

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Posting the prank to TikTok, the Sunrise crew said they wanted to “make Kochie laugh before he goes on holiday.”

All the behind-the-scenes crew members donned fake “bald head” caps – in an obvious effort to rib the follically-challenged Kochie.

The crew in their fake bald head caps. Credit: Sunrise

“How long will it take him to notice?” the footage was captioned as camera operators and technicians donned the skin-toned rubbery caps.

The first to notice what was going on was Kochie’s co-host, Nat Barr, who looked “a bit confused” before breaking into a wide grin.

The Sunrise crew played a prank on David Koch. Credit: Sunrise

Minutes passed and Kochie, prepping to go live, still hadn’t noticed.

Finally, he took up residence behind the Sunrise desk and asked innocently, “why have they got those on?”

“I don’t know … what are you?” Nat Barr wondered aloud.

It took Kochie a while to notice what was going on. Credit: Sunrise

Mark Berretta, however, immediately understood the joke and began chuckling loudly.

“Now I’ve seen it all,” he says, as the camera panned to Kochie getting his forehead made up.

“Ohhhhh they’re supposed to be you,” Barr stated – but Kochie wasn’t looking super-impressed.

He shook his head and rolled ls his eyes as loud laughter broke out off camera.

“You’re all looking very handsome,” he said. “Very handsome.”

The Sunrise team with their bald-capped crew. Credit: Sunrise

Finally, he conceded a grin – with five seconds to go before going live on-air.

Getting ahead of himself, Kochie then said “welcome to Friday”, clearly thinking about his first day of holidays.

The TikTok clip ended with the message, “Have a good Christmas holiday Kochie!”

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