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‘So frustrating’: Kmart under fire over huge change to all stores – but do you agree?


A Kmart customer has taken aim at the retail giant over a controversial change to all stores across Australia.

Sharing on Facebook, the Victorian shopper raised concerns over Kmart’s decision to move its checkouts to the centre of stores.

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In particular, he said he was offended that the decision meant all customers’ bags and purchases had to be checked by Kmart staff and security before they could leave the store.

“Why put the checkout area in the middle of the store if you’re going to treat EVERY SHOPPER like a shoplifter on the way out,” he asked.

The post sparked a strong reaction from Facebook users, with many agreeing with his point of view.

Kmart’s decision to move checkouts to the centre of stores is still creating controversy. Credit: Facebook

“It’s so frustrating,” said one. “Then they put 15-year-old kids on the door and expect them to be security.

“It’s horrendous on both sides of that transaction.”

Added another: “I’m with you, mate. It’s the DUMBEST idea they’ve ever had. Now some Kmarts have self service checkouts near the door.”

Said a third: “I know right. I totally agree with you.”

Wrote one more: “Preach.”

But other customers said they thought the decision to move checkouts to the centre of the store was a smart one by Kmart.

“I used to think it was nuts but it makes sense,” one Facebook user argued.

“In the old days the only way out of Kmart was via the registers whether you purchased something or not. It caused a bottleneck and required more staff attention than posting one person at the exit.

File image of a Kmart checkout. Credit: Australian Life TV/YouTube

“Under the old system, as soon as you paid you were out of the store – less likely to return if you forgot to buy something.

“This way you are well inside the the store after your purchase and there is a chance on your way out you might see something else to purchase. It’s a way of making you walk past some items a second time.”

Kmart responds

A Kmart spokesperson told said the decision was made to move checkouts so that there was less queues and clutter at the entrances to stores.

“At Kmart, we strive to deliver an enjoyable and convenient shopping experience to all our customers whether they choose to shop with us in-store or online,” the spokesperson said said.

“The decision was made several years ago to place Kmart registers in the centre of the store to make shopping more convenient, ensuring store entrances are free of queues and clutter, and allowing customers to enter and exit with ease.

“This current layout is more open and more spacious without having the registers up at the front of the store, which can get congested during busy times of the year like Christmas.

“Like many retailers it is also a condition of entry across all our stores that if requested, customers present any bags and receipt for checking before leaving the store.

“This is standard procedure that occurs regardless of how a customer makes their purchase, whether it be from our service desk, self-service checkouts or if they have been assisted by a team member.

“We look forward to continuing to service all our customers in the many different ways they like to shop.”

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