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Snake photo snapped seconds before Queensland man brutally attacked


A Queensland man has copped a barrage of criticism after his efforts to a video a recent encounter with a snake while out hiking left him bruised and battered.

Joey Zayne stopped to video a python in the Behana Gorge in Cairns when it suddenly lashed out.

WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: Queensland man bitten by snake as he tries to film it in Cairns.

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Zayne was walking at Behana Gorge at the weekend when he spotted the python in a tree.

“A beautiful snake just above the Behana,” he said to the camera in a video he has since posted to social media.

But the python wasn’t fond of being on camera.

The eight-foot reptile lashed out, biting him on the face.

Seconds later, blood was gushing from the small bite marks.

Joey Zayne was filming a snake in Cairns when it struck him and drew blood. Credit: Supplied

Zayne held a T-shirt to his wound, telling the camera blood was “pouring out” of it.

“It’s coming out really quickly,” he said.

“I’m feeling fine. It’s just crazy how much blood.”

Zayne’s video of the ordeal has gained plenty of attention online, with nearly 100 shares on Facebook.

The snake was spotted in the Behana Gorge in Cairns. Credit: Supplied

Snake handlers say people need to be vigilant.

“If you see a snake, you know, just give him a wide berth,” David Walton from Cairns Snake Removals said.

The environment department echoed that warning.

It says, “if snakes feel threatened, they can become defensive”.

“Snakes do not attack or bite for no reason,” Walton said.

“They have to really feel the need to give a defensive response in a vulnerable situation.”

– With Frank Russo

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