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Skincare solution loved by Kim Kardashian gets rave reviews: ‘Faded scars, erased wrinkles’


A skincare solution loved by Kim Kardashian has garnered rave reviews, with its founder declaring it’s given users a “new lease of life”.

Kardashian revealed it’s the one daily beauty habit she swears by for a youthful complexion – and you can do it in the comfort of your own home too.

“After everyone’s in bed, I’m doing laser treatments,” the billionaire businesswoman recently divulged, in an interview with Allure magazine.

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While Kardashian didn’t elaborate on her choice of laser at the time, it can now be revealed she uses a LYMA laser – a medical-grade ‘cold’ laser that has routinely sold out of stockists since it first hit the market in 2020.

Kim Kardashian enjoying the LYMA during a facial Credit: LYMA/ Instagram

Posting on Instagram, Kardashian can be seen incorporating a double application of the LYMA laser into her SKKN BY KIM facial with world-class esthetician, @joannaczechofficial

“I feel like this will make me look younger,” Kardashian said.

And she’s not the only celebrity who’s a fan.

The tiny torch-like device has collected quite the following with Gwyneth Paltrow endorsing LYMA on her publishing platform Goop, and Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson and actresses Jenna Dewan and Lili Reinhart also raving about the benefits.

Model Hailey Bieber appeared on social media having a pre-Oscar facial with one, while Australian actress Naomi Watts said, “I see an incredible reaction with my skin.”

“It’s great to see The LYMA Laser in the hands of celebrities and beauty experts, but what’s really special is seeing before and after pictures from people who have faded scars, treated pigmentation and erased wrinkles, which has given them a new lease of life,” said founder, Lucy Goff.

“We have been blown-away by the response to the LYMA Laser.”

LYMA results on the knees Credit: LYMA/ Instagram

So, what is it about the little blue light that makes it so special?

Well, according to Goff the secret is breakthrough laser technology that is able to penetrate down to the deepest layers and remodel and rebuild from the base up.

It does this by using a light that’s 100 times more powerful than LED and doesn’t cause any harmful cell damage in the process, which is how other laser treatments work.

The LYMA laser can clear up rosacea Credit: LYMA

That also means that everyone can use it.

While traditional laser isn’t recommended on some skin tones because of the risk of scarring, LYMA is safe to use on all, as it doesn’t rely on damaging the skin.

The initial investment is significant (the LYMA Laser System Starter Kit will set you back $3,486) but the returns are major.

The hard facts state after three months of use, clients can see:

  • 64 percent reduction in hyperpigmentation
  • 42 percent reduction in rosacea
  • 56 percent reduction in acne
  • And a 53.8 percent reduction in wrinkle depth

The nifty laser can also be used to reduce redness and inflammation, fade bruising, and reduce the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks.

LYMA laser uses a blue light for skin rejuvenation Credit: LYMA

With LYMA only recently launching in Australia, you’ll have to be quick to beat the A-list crew (who are no doubt already lining up here).

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