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Sick of paying $72 for dishwashing tablets? Shoppers rate the three best cheap buys


Woolworths, Coles and ALDI shoppers around Australia have shared their reviews of the most affordable dishwashing tablets on the market.

With some varieties of big brand dishwashing tablets currently priced as high as $72 at leading supermarkets, many are looking for cheaper alternatives that deliver amazing results.

One Woolworths shopper recently asked for advice on the best bargain dishwashing tablets on the market, saying he wasn’t keen to spend big dollars.

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“Looking for some decent dishwashing tablets,” he wrote on Markdown Addicts Australia.

“We normally use Finish Ultimate pro, but currently $64 for 65 tablets at Woolies.”

One brand of dishwashing tablet has skyrocketed to $72 a pack at Woolworths. Credit: Markdown Addicts Australia/Facebook

The post sparked a huge response from Aussie shoppers, with just under 800 people sharing their opinions.

Many agreed on three key buys from ALDI, Woolworths and Coles, saying they were “as good as the expensive tablets – if not better.”

Here are their reviews:

Many ALDI shopper praised the supermarket’s Logix Platinum range. Credit: Getty/Aldi Mums/Facebook

ALDI Logix Platinum

ALDI Logix Platinum 18 in 1 – $7.29 for 40 tablets

ALDI’s Logix Platinum Dishwashing Tablets scored top marks from many bargain hunters.

“I use the ALDI Logix platinum. They are great,” said one.

Added another: “Me too. Years of using only expensive brands. The Platinum is just as good.”

Wrote a third: “I agree. They are the only ones that don’t leave a horrible chemical taste on our cups.”

Added one more: “We use the ALDI Logix Platinum ones too. Cannot fault the cleaning of dishes.”

Said another: “The best – cheaper for me to get boxes posted to me from Melbourne (no ALDI in Tasmania). They work very well – not paying $$$$ [for] Finish or other brands. Logix Platinum all the way.”

Others said they’d recently made the change to the ALDI tablets, and were pleased with the results.

“Recently switched to these, with a husband giving me the side eye – and to my surprise he said they’re awesome,” one responded.

Another said: “ALDI hands down.”

Woolworths shoppers gave the supermarket’s Shine brand a big tick of approval. Credit: Markdown Addicts Australia/Facebook

Woolworths Shine

Woolworths Shine 10-in-1 – $4.50 for 30 tablets

Many praised Woolworths Shine 10-in-1 Dishwashing Tablets – as well as the Shine Dishwashing Powder, which retails for just $3.90.

“These ones from Woolies have worked just fine for us,” said one fan.

Another said: “Agree! Been buying this since it came out – cheap and effective.”

A third added: “We just switched and absolutely no difference to the Finish tablets.”

Wrote one more: “I’ve recently swapped from Finish/Fairy to the Woolies Shine ones and they are so much better!”

Others said the Shine powder was just as impressive.

“We just use the Shine powder, works perfectly,” one Woolies shopper wrote.

Another said: “I use the Shine powder, haven’t skipped a beat.”

Coles fans were also praising of the supermarket’s Ultra brand. Credit: Coles

Coles Ultra

Coles Ultra Advanced Dishwashing Tablets – $6 for 40 tablets

Many other shoppers gave Coles Ultra dishwashing tablets and powder their tick of approval.

“Coles Ultra tablets work really well,” said one.

Another wrote: “Coles powder works great – and is like $4 or something.”

One more responded: “The Coles brand is great. And I had a dishwasher repair technician advise me to use half a tablet each wash. Not just costs savings, but better for the machine and it’s enough for a good wash.”

Added another: “I was using Fairy tablets and have recently tried the powder brands between Woolies, Coles and ALDI – and I am happy with the powder compared to the tablets.

“I also use rinse aid in the dishwasher and am happy with the generic brands also. Same, same … but cheaper in my opinion.”

Bunnings shoppers said you can also find big name brands for low prices in store. Credit: Markdown Addicts Australia/Facebook

Always check other retailers

Many also suggested shopping around other major retailers – including Bunnings, Chemist Warehouse, JB Hifi and Officeworks and The Reject Shop – for amazing deals on big name dishwashing tablet brands.

“Keep an eye on Officeworks – they have a sale on them from time to time, we got a large box for an extra cheap price,” said one.

Another wrote: “You can get 110 Classic Finish tablets for $14.99 at Chemist Warehouse, you just need to be sure you have rinse aid in the machine.”

A third added: “Reject Shop [sells] like 100 for around 20 bucks I’m pretty sure.”

One more responded: “I bought 70 tablets for $25 at Bunnings yesterday.”

Another added: “JB Hifi – $34.99 for a pack of 60.”

Chemist Warehouse is also selling packs of 110 Finish Dishwashing Tablets for just $14.99. Credit: Markdown Addicts Australia/Facebook

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