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Shocking video reveals importance of sleeping with door closed: ‘New fear unlocked’


Do you like to sleep with your bedroom door open?

A firefighterst responder has revealed why you should halt that habit, with a shocking new video revealing how shutting your door before you sleep could save you and your family’s lives.

WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: Firefighter reveals why you should close bedroom doors.

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Firefighter @smokemedic on TikTok this week shared an insight into a home destroyed by a fire as he urged families to put safety first.

The warning starts with what appears to be a standard child’s bedroom filled with toys, a little bed and pink decorations in pristine condition.

But the camera soon pans around to reveal a confronting sight – beyond the child’s door was a hallway ravaged by fire.

The only thing that protected the room from the blaze? A closed bedroom door.

The rest of the home appears destroyed, with black smoke-stained walls and collapsed ceiling debris strewn across the floor.

“Remember to close bedroom doors before sleeping for the night, it could make a big difference,” the now-viral video warns.

“Close before you doze!”

A firefighter has shared alarming insight into why you should always close your bedroom door before going to sleep. Credit: TikTok / @smokemedic

‘Near fear unlocked’

Shocked social media users shared how they would be changing their habits after seeing the aftermath of the blaze.

“New fear unlocked,” one woman said.

“We started doing this a few years ago after a friend showed me a safety video – all doors get shut now,” another said.

“Having my bedroom door closed saved my life. My whole apartment was engulfed in flames,” one user shared.

Firefighters recommend closing doors in the home to help slow the fire spreading.

“Because of synthetic materials, furniture and construction, fire spreads faster than ever before,” according to the US Fire Safety Research Institute (FSRI), which runs the Close Before You Doze campaign.

“Closing doors help stop the spread of fire.”

Research has also shown closing a door can make a 500C difference when there is a fire.

Using thermal imaging cameras, FSRI research found closed-door rooms on both floors of homes had average temperate of less than 37C versus more than 537C in open-door rooms.

“You could see a markable difference that a person could be alive in a room with a closed door much longer,” it said.

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