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‘Scary’ find in Sydney golf course hole: ‘Move on’


Golf is game of birdies, and eagles and the odd albatross, but no one said anything about snakes.

So it became a case of hit and run, when local golfers wandered to the second green of the Coast Golf and Recreation Club course south of Sydney.

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Not only did the female golfers discover a snake curled up in the hole, it just so happened to be a deadly red-bellied black snake.

A golf club representative later said that the snake eventually moved on by its own free volition.

“Everyone needs a break from the heat when it’s this hot, even the wildlife.” the club said on social media.

Golfers were more than surprised when they wandered to the green of a Sydney golf course and discovered a red-bellied black snake curled up in the hole. Credit: Instagram

“This little fella was found by our ladies taking refuge in the hole on the 2nd green today.

“The four foot red belly black hung around and watched a few groups come through before moving on.

“All golfers were happy to take the two putts offered to them and move on.”

David Koch reminded the Sunrise team that the snake was a “protected species”, while sports commentator Mark Beretta said the sight of the snake was “scary as”.

For the record, the red-bellied black snake can grow up to 2.5 metres but is not considered aggressive.

However, they are venomous and make up 16 per cent of all reported snake bites, according to various websites.

The Wildlife Victoria State Government says the snake will raise its body from the ground and hiss when it is threatened.

They are said to eat frogs, rats, lizards, and birds and sometimes other snakes.

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Source: 7News