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Sam Mac’s hen party move leaves Nat Barr cringing: ‘I’m going to cry’


What better way to celebrate a hen’s party than to have it on Australia’s top breakfast show with Sam Mac?

The Sunrise weather presenter joined one such do in Penrith on Friday morning, surprising host Natalie Barr back in the studio when they began dancing ‘The Nat’.

WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: Sam Mac gets a hen’s party to dance ‘The Nat’

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In case you missed it, Natalie’s moves from Thursday’s Sunrise show went viral on social media, becoming a dance move called ‘The Nat’.

Natalie was grooving out to the Melbourne Gospel Choir who performed Oh Happy Day during a weather segment.

She was seen waving her hands and swaying from side to side as co-host Michael Usher laughed along.

WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW: Natalie Barr dances to ‘Oh Happy Day’

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And it seems ‘The Nat’ has caught on – as the hen’s party could not stop doing it.

Turning to the group of ladies, Sam said he would “like to propose a toast to Carly … the beautiful bride to be!” before raising a shot glass.

The presenter showed the camera his shot glass, which has ‘YAS’ written on it – a true staple for any hen’s party.

“It’s pretty classy here, I don’t know what this is,” he uttered, as he drank the shot on camera.

Sam Mac on Sunrise. Credit: Seven

“There’s definitely alcohol in it,” he said.

After everyone had taken their shots, Sam said, “Now what I think we need to do, as a tribute, we all saw Nat yesterday, right?

“Do you think we could all do ‘The Nat’ dance?”

The women responded “Yes” in unison as they prepared to mimic the groovy moves.

Sam Mac does ‘The Nat’. Credit: Seven

Natalie and Michael were seen in the studio laughing, as Michael imitated the dance.

As the girls began to groove, Sam yelled out, “We’re doing the Nat,” causing the Sunrise host to hide behind her notes as she laughed.

“It’s really catching on! Join in Nat, it’s your move,” Sam said.

Hosts Natalie Barr and Michael Usher. Credit: Seven

‘It’s become a thing!’

“That’s exactly what it’s like!” Michael said, who saw ‘The Nat’ first hand.

Natalie laughed, “Oh I love those girls, I want to go dancing with them,” as Michael told her, “You’d fit in.”

“That’s uncanny how close it is to the real thing,” he added.

The Sunrise hosts laugh at the dancing. Credit: Seven

“See!” Natalie said to him, to which he replied, “See what? It’s not a bad dance.”

“It’s a thing! I love them, I’m going to cry,” Natalie said laughing.

“It’s become a thing, you’ve got your own cult following now” Michael joked.

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