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Rebel Wilson slammed online over ‘disappointing’ new career move: ‘Losing touch’


Sections of Aussie actress Rebel Wilson’s massive fan base have called the star out for a major oversight in her new fashion venture.

The Pitch Perfect star and her partner Ramona Agruma recently launched a leisurewear line called R&R Club.

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But the clothing range only goes up to a L/XL – something Wilson’s plus-size fans have a problem with.

The actress has been accused of failing badly on the “size inclusivity” front, with fans taking to social media to express their disappointment.

In Australia, an L would normally be equated with a size 12 and an XL with a size 14, although there is no Australian standard for adults’ clothing sizes.

According to ABS data, the average dress size for a woman in Australia is a 14-16.

Before Wilson embarked on her “year of health” in 2020 – during which she dropped more than 30kg – she was something of a poster girl for larger women.

Rebel Wilson modelling the R&R Club hoodie and tracksuit. Credit: Instagram/Rebel Wilson

Some of her fans said they felt she had become “out of touch” and disconnected from some elements of her fanbase since her makeover.

“I don’t understand how someone who was plus size for the majority of her career and majority of her life, as someone who knows how hard it is to be fat and to shop for clothing and actually find it in your size … I don’t understand how someone with that background, that knowledge, could release a brand that only goes up to an XL,” TikTok user @itsyourdest said in a recent video post.

TikTok user @itsyourdest called out the lack of size inclusivity in Rebel Wilson’s capsule collection. Credit: TikTok/itsyourdest

“People’s biggest argument for this is always, ‘oh it’s so expensive to have so many size ranges,’ but it’s Rebel Wilson.

“She’s got money.”

Others flocked to the comments section to agree.

“It’s so disappointing when you see something you love and and are so excited and they do not offer in my size,” one person wrote.

“Wow. I’m disappointed in her. She knew how this felt,” wrote another.

Rebel Wilson in 2018. Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

“Out of all the people I thought she would have bigger sizes since she was bigger than a XL back in the day, so disappointed in her,” added a third.

“Wow. That’s absolutely wretched,” wrote another.

Others took issue with the cost of the products, noting that a white hoodie with purple R&R Club logo cost $A271 and matching track pants retailed for $A228, meaning the top-to-toe look would set a buyer back almost $500.

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Fans have been calling out the sizing and price issues on Wilson’s own Instagram page.

Beneath a photo of Wilson and Agruma modelling the outfit, one fan wrote: “Imagine once being a plus size gal – then bringing out a clothing range that isn’t size inclusive.”

Ramona Agruma and Rebel Wilson model the R&R Club outfits. Credit: Instagram/Rebel Wilson

“So disappointing that a formerly big-bodied celebrity, who once had a plus size clothing line, is now peddling small size exclusive leisure wear at absurd mark-ups,” fumed another.

Another accused the celebrity of “losing touch,” while another remarked: “Way to toss out all the large body fans who boosted your early career. Ouch Rebel, ouch.”

Wilson has not yet publicly responded to the criticisms.

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